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  • You belong to one of the most selective and proeminent arcane guilds in the world.

    Just showing that you are a Web Manipulator might gain you favors 
    and open doors beetweeen the right public (casters, erudits, elfs, scholars). And your guild does not focus only in the secrets of magics, but also in any type of relevant knowdlege, although they prefer to keep some things inside the guild.

  • Requeriments: 1st level as one of Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard, Artificer or Warlock.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Choose Two of Arcana, History, Religion, Nature and Medicine 

  • Tool Proficiencies One type of artisan's tools

  • Languages Choose one.

  • Equipment A Web Manipulator insignia, an arcane focus of your choice, one set of artisan's tools, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 5 gp 

Feature: Improved Spells

The Web Manipulators seek to perfect it's control over the universe, and to perfect spells and discover new strains of the same old spells is one of their favorite activity. Every time a Web Manipulator reaches a new circle in an arcane class, he can choose three spells he knows from his older circles to have a breakthrough and select one to have an improved version. Exemple: When Flimsyflower reaches the third level of an arcane class and gain access to 2nd level spells, he choose 3 1st level spells he knows to get a breakthrough, which means he knows how these three spells can be developed and then he chooses one of theses spells to develop.

Feature:  Web Manipulator Spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature

For you, the spells on the Web Manipulator Spells table are added to the spell list of your spellcasting class. If you are a level 1 Wizard, you gain them for free on your spellbook when you reach the required level to cast them. (If you are a multiclass character with multiple spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.)

Web Manipulator Spells
Spell LevelSpells
Cantripmessage, true strike
1stdetect magic, tenser's floating disk
2ndsee invisiblity, web
3rdslow, haste
4thconfusion, stone skin
5thbigby's hand, mislead

Suggested Characteristics
1If there's no  plan, i'll make a plan. If I don't make one good enough, it's probably wiser to move on.
2Boredom is for empty minds. I can wait paitiently if that means getting the results i want.
3Nothing is ever too complicated, and if it seems complicated, I'll find a way to make it simpler.
4I tend to ignore sleep for days when I'm conducting research, often at the expense of my own health and safety.
5I'm convinced there's not a soul in Primordio, except maybe the great Vexsus, who can match my boundless intellect.
6I'm incapable of admitting a flaw in my logic.


The Web Manipulators are all about sharing important knowledge inside the guid and selling common non-relevant knowledge to ousiders.

Roll three times on the Web Manipulator Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)

Web Manipulator Contacts
1An older relative is a member of the guild's board of directors.
2I know a familiar who carries important messages among the guild's laboratories.
3A sibling is the head of a laboratory doing exotic research.
4A former colleague is now an attendant in a laboratory in the central guildhall.
5I'm in regular communication with an instructor who set me on the course of my life and research.
6I had a romance with a wizard working in the Royal Arcanist Academy.
7As an attendant, I had a fierce rivalry with another attendant for our supervisor's attention.
8The guildmaster, Vexsus, took note of one of my experiments!
9I made friends with a Tempest.
10I was going to join the Fire Blades but decided to join the Web Manipulators instead. I still talk to the Sargent Recruiter.
11One of my former assistants turned out to be a Librarium spy. We're not on friendly terms anymore, but we have a habit of running into each other.
12A Black Hand assassin killed a bitter rival of mine, leaving me with conflicted feelings.
13I helped a Watcher pass the Air Elemental plane trial and become an Elite Archer.
14Roll an additional contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
15A Goblin banker financed my laboratory's current work and expects great returns.
16I have a cousin in the Cult of Crisallis, and we get along quite well.
17A former attendant from the same laboratory ran off to join the Circle of Shamans, and we get into a big argument every time we run into each other.
18I compare notes and techniques with a Royal Arcanist over lunch sometimes.
What are my responsabilities?

Whatever your role in the Web Manipulator's Guild, you are expected to contribute to its research in some way. That contribution might involve participating in tests, whether as an assistant, a researcher, or a subject. You might be one of the soldiers who protects a laboratory, or a laborer responsible for lifting heavy pieces of equipment into place. Everyone's contribution matters. If your superiors call for your help, you can expect to gain something in return, but you better help, even if it's a dire situation.

  • You belong to the Watchers, an elven order that keeps balance in the world and watch out for powerful threats. Just showing your insigna can grant you access in most cities and estabilishments, as well as help to diffuse any encounter outside ciities.

    Todos sabem que a Ordem dos Rangers foi fundada por batedores élficos com o intuito de ajudar pessoas de todas raças a fugir dos Kyrin e achar parentes, amigos ou um local para se proteger. E esses patrulheiros realizaram esse serviço de maneira tão eficiente, que até hoje a ordem treina pessoas e aceita arqueiros de qualquer raça que compartilhem de seus ideais para ajudar pessoas perdidas e de certa forma manter a ordem quando fora de cidades. Um membro da ordem sempre é confiável e sempre saberá para onde guiar qualquer pessoa até seu destino. O que a maioria não sabe é do círculo interno da Ordem dos Ranges, composto de Rangers mais experientes, que tem uma missão um tanto quanto diferente. Eles são responsáveis por manter o balanço do Primórdio, mantendo forças malignas em "cheque". Muitos anos atrás, alguns seres extremamente poderosos aliaram-se com o intuito de transformar e dominar o mundo, e um elfo chamado Sylvan, paladino de Suna (estimado morto) descobriu isso e reuniu alguns amigos e seus aprendizes para pará-los. A ordem não conseguiu deter esses seres, mas por diversas vezes frustou os seus planos, e o círculo interno vem fazendo isso desde então. Essa informação é secreta e só passada realmente para os membros de maior confiança, de modo que as pessoas ignoram o real trabalho da Ordem

  • Requeriments: Non evil alignment, able to speak Elven

  • Skill Proficiencies: Choose Two from Stealth, Nature, Survival, Athletics and Acrobatics

  • Equipment: A Watcher's insignia, a longbow or two one handed melee weapons that you are proficiency with, a map of the continent and an explorer's pack

Feature: Watcher's Insignia

When you are accepted in the order you gain a magical iten that works while you remain in the ranks. This silver leaf gives you:

- You are immune to scrying spells and effects
- You can cast the spell Protection from evil and good; once per day

- You can cast sanctuary once per day

- You can cast cure wounds once per day
Your spellcasting ability for these spells is Wisdow

Feature: Outlander 
Your training as a Watcher teaches you several things

- Used to the outdoors - 
All Survival DCs for long resting in the wild are considered to be 5 lower for you.

- Favored enemies - As a Watcher you are taught the weakness and strenghs of all known beings from the Council of Immortals. You have advantage on knowledge checks add your proficiency as damage in all attacks and spells you make agains them.

- Natural Explorer - 
You are particularly familiar with one type of natural environment and are adept at traveling and surviving in such regions. Choose one type of favored terrain: arctic, coast, desert, forest, grassland, mountain, swamp, or the Underdark. When you make an Intelligence or Wisdom check related to your favored terrain, your proficiency bonus is doubled if you are using a skill that you're proficient in.

While traveling for an hour or more in your favored terrain, you gain the following benefits:

Difficult terrain doesn't slow your group's travel.

Even when you are engaged in another activity while traveling (such as foraging, navigating, or tracking), you remain alert to danger.

If you are traveling alone, you can move stealthily at a normal pace.

When you forage, you find twice as much food as you normally would.

While tracking other creatures, you also learn their exact number, their sizes, and how long ago they passed through the area.

Suggested Characteristics

1I can't deny helping stranding wanderers on the wild even if they look suspicious.
2i don't like to sleep with a roof over my head.
3I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink.
4I remember every insult I've received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who's ever wronged me.
5I follow orders, even if I think they're wrong.
6The monstrous enemy we faced in battle still leaves me quivering with fear.


Roll three times on the Watcher Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)

Watcher Contacts
1A wise elf trainer believed in me even though I was a terrible student.
2A good friend has risen to become a Master Watcher.
3I left my former lifestyle and joined the Watchers along with a close friend.
4A dryad at the head of my enclave has taken an interest in my activities.
5A sibling is an instructor at the guild's training grounds.
6One of my parents is an Eternal Watcher, tasked with protecting the region in which i mainly act.
7I had a romance with a well-known Cleric of Suna.
8Harkoneen, the head of the guild, once welcomed me into his presence and we had great tea together.
9I left the Fire Blades, and a former colleague still resents me for that act.
10A good friend, eager for action, left the Watchers and joined the Iron Legion.
11I had a relationship with a guild mate who turned out to be a Black Hand agent.
12I know a disgruntled Black Hand assassin who is ripe for recruitment.
13I'm friendly with a Circle of Shamans orc who almost joined us a few years back.
14I once had a heated public argument with a Web Manipulator, and neither of us is allowed back into that tavern.
15I paid off my debt to the Goblin bank, but my good friend was not so lucky and remains indebted to them.
16At a time of terrible grief in my life, a Noble comrades bard made a mockery of my pain, leaving me with mixed feelings of sadness and humor.
17Roll an additional contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
18I have a sibling in the Sentinels, and we argue every time we see each other.

What are my responsabilities?

Watch over your area for the known menace that lurks. Spy for your order, keeping the villans moves in check. If you are called to action, rise to the ocasion and know that what you do is for the good of the realm.

  • You belong to the Black Hand, the most succesfull thives guild in the world. As a Rank 6, your life here is hard, you are bossed by everyone and don't get to boss anyone, but you are surelly different from the others and will rise fast within the ranks.

     A Mão Negra é a facção criminosa mais antiga do mundo. Fundada há mais de 1000 anos atrás por um humano denominado "Líder", a Mão Negra está espalhada por todos cantos do mundo, dominando quase que completamente todas as cidades humanas. A guilda de ladrões conseguiu prosperar tanto primeiro pela política de evitar assassinatos em seus territórios, há um ditado que diz que "um homem morto só pode ser roubado uma vez, um homem vivo pode ser roubado todo mês". E a Mão Negra parece seguir isso à risca, só causando mortes em disputas de território, ou em circunstâncias extremas, é preferível roubar, cobrar proteção de comerciantes, traficar prazeres para nobres e altos burgueses e molhar a mão da guarda de vez em quando. O objetivo principal da Mão Negra é enriquecer, e ela sempre fará o que for mais inteligente pra isso.

  • Requeriments: none

  • Skill Proficiencies: Choose Two from Stealth, Sleight of hands, deception, investigation, performance, intimidation and Acrobatics

  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming setthieves' tools or poisoner's kit

Feature: Street Rats

As part of the training and survival in general, you get to know a bunch of stuff about the streets, and even though the cities might differ, they streets are almost always the same.

While inside a city that resembles your main city (or a very different city that you spent some time getting acclimated to), you gain:

- Advantage on performance and deception checks against targets that don't know that you are a criminal.

- Advantage on intimidation checks against targets who know you are a criminal.
- With an investigation check you know the best place to sell rarer products (getting more money for it) and also where you can find sellers of even rarer products
- With an hour and a good reason at the right tavern y
ou can arrange a meeting with a low-ranking operative of nearly any business, patriar family, crew, deity insitution, government institution, or someone from the guild up to 2 ranks higher than yours. 

Feature: Dirty Fighting

To win in a glorious way is great, but to just win in a regular way is also good, and if you think really hard about it, not losing sometimes is like winning.

Pick one maneuver or style that fits better your character.

- Porrada no joelho

When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can attempt to knock the target down if the target is Large or smaller, it must make a Strength saving throw. (Dc qual to 8 + your prof + your Str or Dex modifier.) On a failed save, you knock the target prone. You can use this once per short rest.

- Roubo na cara dura

When you hit a creature with a melee attack, you can attempt to disarm the target, forcing it to drop one item of your choice that it's holding. The target must make a Strength saving throw (Dc qual to 8 + your prof + your Str or Dex modifier.). On a failed save, it drops the object you choose. The object lands at its feet, or if you had a free hand when you made the attack, you can hold it. You can use this once per short rest.

- Pack Tatics

If you have an ally that also has this style, you two (or 3, or 4, etc) can choose as a free action to fight like a pack. When you do so, when you and an ally who also has this style and decided to fight like a pack are flanking the same target, instead of the +2 against the flanked targets, you gain advantage on attacks against it (if by any reason you would already have advantage, then you gain the +2 to hit). When you use this ability, you benefit from it for 1 minute and can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

- Wind Karate

You can tap on the incredible energy inside you and unleash it as powerful force, to flee from your enemies. On your turn, as a free action, your movement and jumping distance triples, you gain climbing speed and you can walk on liquids. These effects lasts until the end of your turn, after using this power, you can't make any more melee attacks until the end of your turn and if you end your turn closer to an (known) enemy than you started, you are restrained until the end of your next turn.

You can use this ability three times per day but never more than once per combat.

- Knife in the spleen

You can use the most ancient Black Hand's technique. As a free action you can choose to activate this ability, you have advantage on melee attack rolls against any creature that hasn't taken a turn in the combat yet. In addition, any hit you score against a creature that is surprised critis with a 18,19 or 20. (if you are an assassin, your sneak die value increases (example: from d8s to d10s). Once you used this ability you can't use it again until you take a short rest. 

Suggested Characteristics

1When I see something valuable, I can't think about anything but how to steal it.
2I might hate and even want to kill someone, but i'd rather be beaten for 3 straight days than rat on someone to the authorities.
3If there's a plan, I'll forget it. If I don't forget it, I'll ignore it.
4I have a 'tell' that reveals when I'm lying.
5I might turn tail and run when things look bad.
6An innocent person is in prison for a crime that I committed. I'm okay with that.


Roll three times on the Watcher Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)
Black Hand Contacts
1One of my parents is an elite assassin, a rank 3 under the Chamaleon.
2I learned combat from a homeless man that turned out to be a master martial artist.
3I know a Norfss who is stationed in the guildhall.
4I had a torrid romance with a druid responsible for a grove inside a city.
5There's an old Rank 4 troll in the organization who find me interesting—and who knows more than you'd think.
6A member revelealed that it is a vampire and said that i could become one too.
7A Black Hand assassin killed my parents when i was young because they tried to rob the guild and found me hiding under the bed. The assassin took me and raised me as it's child.
8I know a Ferlix who can locate just about anything, for the right price.
9A Petrus crusader that I literally pulled out of the gutter will do anything for me.
10Someone joined a bunch of orcs in a battle against a Petrus Crusader's brigade once, and the sergeant of that Petrus squad would love to prove that it was me.
11I had a romance with a Norfss's Institution agent whom I still feed secrets to.
12Roll an additional Black Hand contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
13I once tried to pickpocket someone who i didn't know was a Rank 3. I thought i was in danger but we actually spent an entertaining evening sharing stories at the tavern.
14A Web Manipulator resents that I sold one of his secrets.
15My city explorations led me into a Mandhros vault, and a spirit thinks I stole something valuable.
16I found a baby beast and sold it to an orc Wolf Rider from the Steel and Claw who remains grateful to me.
17A Nature's Messenger and I share an interest in the same garden (very good to grow some poisonous plants), and we have enjoyable arguments there.
18I regularly pick up refuse from beneath a Goblin laboratory, and sometimes I talk to the researcher who dumps it there.

What are my responsabilities?

You do what your Rank superior tells you to do, but don't worry, there is always coins for people who do things right, and the more you do, the bigger the coins get. You are here because you want, you could walk away at any moment, but you chose the bandit's way.

  • You were there when the Warforged rose. In your own way you fought against the "invaders", you tried to defend your city, your family, your tradition and in the end you failed, with your life being spared by a miracle while the elven king charged deep into the hearth of the warforged and tried to buy time for his people to escape.

  •                    But the day of reckoning approaches.

    Lumina was once the birthplace of the elvenkind, the most sacred city to the elfs, and now it stand in the hands of the machines the elven created, with their immortal king imprisioned. The Warfoged can't make new ones due to their forges being closed (the king was imprisioned there), but they are trying to trade the special minerals they need, and they are almost being succesfull in convincing the dwarfs to sell it. But you and the people who survived the fall know all about it, and many cogs are turning to take Lumina back.

  • Requeriments: Were in Lumina during the fall and want to retake it or free the king, or get revenge on the warforgeds.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Choose one, any one.

  • Tool Proficiencies One type of artisan's tools

  • Languages Choose one.

  • Equipment A backpack with an Explorer's Pack or a Diplomat's Pack or a Scholar's pack , and an old Lumina relique. (See feature, roll on the table) 

Feature: Forged in Fire

You experienced the true terror of losing the things you loved the most, it was a terrifying experience but one that hardenned you, that drove you to study your enemy and to train you against it.

- Warforgeds and constructs are considered your favored enemies (prof in damage, at lv 6 advantage on saving throws against effects by it)

- You have advantage on saving throw against massive damage.

- Whenever you gain a level and choose to roll your hit points dice, you: Ignore a result of 1 on a D6. Ignore a result of 1 and 2 on a d8. Ignore a result of 1,2 and 3 on a d10 and ignore a result of 1,2,3 and 4 on a d12.

Feature: Lumina's Relique

You start the game with a Lumina's relique. Perhaps it is a family's heirloon, or maybe a loved one entrusted it to you on the moment of it's death, or maybe you found it on the battlefield...or could even be that in the midst of the chaos you stormed a house, or killed someone and got it. Roll on the table.

1-11    Robe of useful itens
12-21   Immovable Rod
22-30   Deck of Illusions
31-40   Decanter of endless Water
40-49   A bag of holding
50-58   +1 weapon (choose one)
59-65   Iron bands of Bilarro
66-73   A +1 light or medium armor
74-79   Necklace of Prayer Beads with 3 beads (roll at random for each one)

80-86   Cape of the Mountebank
87-91   Sentinel Shield    
Elven Chain  
97-99   Iron Flask
100 -    A special item (much better than any item on this list, that you won't know until it's time to)

Suggested Characteristics

1I made a terrible mistake in battle that cost many lives—and I would do anything to keep that mistake secret.
2I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.
3If i'm true to myself, i liked the fall of Lumina, although i didn't like what i lost in the process
4My hatred of my enemies is blinding and unreasoning.
5We shall retake Lumina and avenge our fallen, but make sure the Dark King stays imprisoned forever.
6I'm convinced of the significance of my destiny, and blind to my shortcomings and the risk of failure.


Roll three times on the Fall of Lumina's Surivor Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)
Fall of Lumina's Survivor Contacts
1Our family Simi saved me and carried me to the harbour.
2I happened to barricade for days with a Dragonslayer, he also survived the fall and whenever we get together we make plans to retake Lumina.
3In the midst of the fight, i found myself at the Tree of Life, there i saw the Guardian standing atop a mountain of Warforged and elven corpses, blood in his face and rage in his eyes. Before he could see me, a drow pulled me to the side and told me that the Guardian went mad and that even the Warforgeds were avoiding that place.
4I used to date a Djinn that was pretty high in the Tempesta Hierarquy
5Sometimes i went to a grove to relax and a Satyr would appear and play his flute to me.
6I saved a Sentinel Sargent during the fall and now she wants me to help with the war efforts.
7I saw an Web Manipulator kill an elf in the middle of the battle, and he also saw me.
8A Watcher swooped in and saved me from certain death.
9I saved a Warforged from certain death at the hands of an elf wizard. Later the warforged betrayed me, but i managed to escape and survive and the wizard saw this.
10I helped a goblin during the war and we managed to come back together, he told me that any hot invention he makes, i will be the first to test it.
11My brother was a Warden and we decided to unlock all the prisioners during the fight - i'm still afraid that this might bite me in the ass
12I didn't assist the sentinels in the evacuation because i decided to help nearby animals instead
13I witnessed a single Kyrin defeat 10 warfogeds without a single scratch, then he killed the elf besides me, and dissapeared.
14Me and a pirate got into a fight in the middle of the war but somehow we both survided and ended canoing together to Lemport.
15A Zarik merchant tried hire me to help save his goods, i knew that if i tried it, we would both end up dead, so i dragged him to safety, leaving everything behind.
16I was a Black Hand member but left after the fall to concentrate in what is real important. But latelly i'm getting a strange feeling that i am being followed.
17I saw a powerfull djinn easily fend off many attackers, but he was more interested in finding something than in defending Lumina. When i called him out about it, he told me there were many more things at stake and that i was a beetle under a rock.
18One of my sibilings was a poweful Elite Archer but i couldn't find him during the war.
What are my responsabilities?

Unless you belonged to the guard, you don't have any real responsability but the ones you decided to bear on yourself. You and a lot of refugees want something in common. Could be taking Lumina back, freeing the king, getting revenge, or anything like that. You are working with a lot of people who have different plans, different angles. You have to try and steer whoever you can in the best possible direction. You have to get stronger so you can achieve the means to your objective (power, contacts, magic itens, an army, etc)

  • You believe in the circle of life, that the stronger conquers the weaker, that some are prey and others are predators, that death is natural and nature is supreme. But you know the natural is being threatened by the unatural, so it befalls to you and your order to tip the scale in nature's favor. 

  •                      And without anyone knowing, the nature's Messengers are researching, plotting and taking steps to agressivelly tip this scale. Be in breeding larger beasts via natural selection, making other humanoid beast or plant liked creatures or something else.


  • Messengers are well accepted in most places, specially if there are a lot of elfs or ferlix. The only ones who dislike them are the goblins and warforgeds and the sentiment is reciprocal

  • Requeriments: Devocao verdadeira a natureza

  • Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling and one from Nature, Survival, Medicine or Perception

  • Languages Choose one.

  • Equipment  A Staff and a pouch containing 5 GP

Feature: Nature`s Blessings

- You know and can cast one cantrip from the druid's list  
Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for it.
- You know and can cast one first level spell from the druid's list 
Once you cast it using this feature, you can only do it again after a long rest.

Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for it.

Nature's Messegers organize themselves in multiple circles and one circle can differ a lot from the other. Choose 1 other feature from the list below.

Feature: Pack Leader

- You can speak with non aquatic animals

- You can use animal handling in all social interactions against animals.
- If you own a beast 
(companion, familiar, summons) and are concious and within 20 feet of it, it's AC is increases by an amount equal to half your proficiency modifier (rounded down. If you "own" 2 beasts, they both gain half of it. If you "own" 2 or more beasts, choose which one gets this buff.

Feature: Dryad Blood

- You can speak with plants

- You can use Nature in all social interactions against plants.
- Difficult terrain due to plants, magical or not are like normal terrain for you.
- You can spot plants with False Apperance (you have disadvantage in perception against them, instead of not having the possibility to spot them).

Feature: Marine Ancestor

- You can speak with aquatic or amphibious animals

- You can use Animal Handling in all social interactions against Aquatic animals.
- You have swimming speed equal to your walking speed
- You can hold your breath for up to 1 hour.

Feature: Moontouched


As a bonus action, you can assume a more bestial appearance (choose one every time you use this feature). This transformation lasts for 1 minute, until you fall unconscious, or until you revert to your normal appearance as a bonus action. When you shift, you gain temporary hit points equal to your level + your Constitution modifier (minimum of 1 temporary hit point). You also gain additional benefits that depends on the form you wish to assume.

Once you shift, you can't do so again until you finish a long rest.

Bear-like Bestial appeareance 

Whenever you shift, you gain 2d6 additional temporary hit points. While shifted, you have a +1 bonus to your Armor Class.

Wolf-like Bestial appeareance. 

While shifted, you can use your elongated claws and fangs (that are light and finess weapons) to threat, flank and make an unarmed strike as a bonus action. If you hit with your fangs, you can deal piercing damage equal to 1d10 + your Strength or Dexterity modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike. If you already had claws or fangs before, their damage becomes 2d6.

Feline-like Bestial appeareance. 

While shifted, your walking speed increases by 15 feet and you gain climb speed. Additionally, you can move up to 10 feet as a reaction when a creature ends its turn within 5 feet of you. This reactive movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks.

  Reptile-like Bestial appeareance. 

While shifted, you have advantage on Wisdom checks, and no creature within 20 feet of you can make an attack roll with advantage against you, unless you're incapacitated.

Feature:   Nature's Messenger spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature

For you, the spells on the Nature's Meesenger Spells table are added to the spell list of your spellcasting class. If you are a level 1 druid, you always haver them prepared as extra spells when you reach the level required level to cast them. (If you are a multiclass character with multiple spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.)

Nature's Messenger Spells
Spell LevelSpells

1stabsorb elements, earth tremor
2ndanimal messenger, protection from poison
3rdcall lightning, conjure animals
4thguardian of nature, grasping vines
5thconjure elemental, insect plague

Suggested Characteristics

1Every social situation I'm in seems to lead to my asking rude personal questions.
2I'm supremely confident in my ability to adapt to any situation and handle any danger.
3I am dogmatic in my thoughts and philosophy.
4I assume that people mean well until they prove otherwise.
5I'm convinced that everyone else in my circle has a deeper connection to the nature than I do.
6I have a fierce temper that doesn't reflect the inner calm I seek.


Roll three times on the Nature's Messenger Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)
Nature's Messenger Contacts
1My research about how to help nature builds on my parents' work and takes it in interesting new directions.
2If a serious problem confounds me, I can count on my mentor to provide clarity of thought.
3A former circle colleague went on to work on the Nature's Guardian Project.
4A former colleague has ventured into fields of research that are possibly immorall.
5A former lover is now the supervisor of a prominent circle.
6My sibling spent so much time shepeshifted that he has become unrecognizable.
7An old friend has retreated into a secluded life as an ascetic deepsage, devoted to contemplating philosophical principles.
8My former circle supervisor is now engaged in field research studying some of the largest beasts and monsters on Primordio.
9My older sibling is upset that I didn't follow them into the Watchers.
10A Petrus crusader is always asking questions about my work, but I suspect they're genuinely curious.
11A friend in my circle thinks I don't know they're a Norfss's Institution agent.
12I helped a Tempesta with summoning and maintaining of stronger, durable storms.
13I can't fathom what could have made my childhood friend run off and join the Circle of Shamans.
14I love comparing notes with my friend in the Web Manipulators, though our fields of research are very different.
15I borrowed a lot of money from a goblin banker to help finance my research.
16A Crisallis cleric has taken an interest in my research which, makes me afraid and excited at the same time.
17I was a Royal Arcanist in the past, but left it behind to pursue a deep conection with nature. And when i did that, i also left behind the woman i was promissed to.
18Roll an additional Nature's Messenger contacts; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.

What are my responsabilities?

At lower ranks, you need to protect nature as best as you can, and help the normal people to live together with it. While you do that you can study and research ways to strengthen nature. As you advance in ranks and your conection gets deeper you start to be included in more questionable studies, but studies thar promiss to help nature nonetheless.

  • You belong to the house of the Dragonslayers, your clan once fought against the tyrant chromatic dragons and drove them off and became the clan who would spawn the first kings of the elven people. Your clan fell by the hands of the noble elven houses, but the ancient dragon-slaying techniques are still passed from member to member, in case the dragons decide to rise again.


  • Requeriments: Elf so you can be from a branch of the main family or any other non-Norfss race, so you were trained by the main family

  • Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from Arcana, Nature, Survival, Perception and Intimidation

  • Languages  Draconic and one extra language that has to be Elf, but if you already know it, can be any other language.

  • Equipment An Explorer's Pack and one Heavy melee weapon of your choice.

Feature: I laugh in the face of danger.

- You are immune to being frightened
- You have advantage on saving throws against breath attacks and dragon's legendary attacks/lair actions
- You have advantage on initiative rolls in combats against dragons

Feature: Dragonslaying techniques

Choose three maneuvers, you know and can use them as many times as you want against dragons (or as many as the ability says so). Also, once per day you can use one of them against other creatures, depending on the maneuver. (you can't use wing clip against a wingless human, but you could use against a winged angel, and so on).

- The Danius Maneuver
When you hit a huge or bigger dragon with a melee weapon attack, you can use your bonus action to try to climb onto him.

- Reach for the sky
You can spend your reaction and use this ability to increase your reach by 5 feet (or 10 if you already use a reach weapon) until the end of your turn. You may use this on your turns or on opportunity attacks.

- Who's the predator now?
Once on your turn, when you hit a dragon with a weapon attack, you can use this ability to attempt to frighten the target. you make a intimidation check, and the target must make a Wisdom saving throw with the DC being your result. On a failed save, it is frightened of you until the end of your next turn.

- Stopping the undesirable behaviour
When a dragon hits you with a melee attack, you can spend your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against it with advantage. 

- Wing Clip
Once per turn, using a melee weapon, when you crit a dragon or hits it while climbing onto him, you can use this power to try and hurt it's wings. Make a nature check, the dragon must make a Constitution saving throw with dc being your result. If it fails, it's wings stop working for three turns.

- Dragon slap
Once per turn, you can swap one of your attacks to slap the dragon in it's ugly face. Make an intimidation check against a dragon within 5 feet of you, and the target must make a Constitution saving throw with disadvantage, the DC being your result. On a failed save, it loses it's concentration and can't use legendary actions until the beggining of it's next turn.

- Glitch in the magic matrix
If you are climbing a dragon and it tries to teleport away in fear of you, you can opt to hitchhike and go with him. If you do that and until the end of your next turn you manage to hit it with a melee attack, you and dragon teleport back to the place where you were before.

- Yes, you are hearing boss music
The first time in a combat that you become bloodied (half or less hp) due to a dragon damaging you, you can spend your reaction to assume a new instance, heal back 1d12 + your level in hit points, gain the same amount as temporary hit points and gain resistance against the dragon attacks, spells or breath weapons until the end of your next turn.

Suggested Characteristics

1My house and bloodline make me the best!
2At the surface i might apperar calm and serene, but deep inside me a storm rages and sometimes i struggle to keep it locked away.
3The fall of Lumina is an opportunity for our house to rise again.
4I resent the rich and powerful.
5I throw caution to the wind when i'm about to face a dragon.
6All dragons must be destroyed and that's not for debate. What is for debate is if we should also extend this treatment to all Norfss.


Roll three times on the Dragonslayers Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)
Dragonslayers Contacts
1I did several jobs to the Black Hand in order to have some coins so i could survive. I still don't know if i'm ashamed, happy or furious about it.
2I almost joined the Petrus Crusaders, but decided not to take the initiation rites because one sargeant argued with me that we should blindly trust all Metalic dragons.
3I slept for a week at the streets of Zarik and an old wizard gave me food and offered me shelter.
4On my travels i met an old human who claimed to be a Dragonslayer, and he knew all the lore and proper techniques, so i trained under him for a while, years later i found out he was a Silver Dragon.
5I found myself in a dire situation in the Troll Desert and had to forge an alliance with a red Drakonis to survive.
6A random Djinn gave me some coins and food and i think he does not want anything in return.
7I worked for a few months at at a human tavern in Miros, the tavern keeper was really nice to me, but i don't think that some patrons enjoyed my presence.
8A cleric of Crisallis asked me to help her with a snake problem on her temple's basement. I avoided it and i think she resents me.
9A warforged and i banded together against a tribe of evil red scaled Kobolds, was the best time i had in the recent years.
10I made friend with a nice and innocent goblin inventor, and helped her against some low life street thugs.
11Had a heated argument with a Nature's Messenger over the position of dragons in the circle of life.
12A troll came to me with saying that he knows where a black dragon hides and that he can tell and assist me in killing it if i let him keep the heart and magical organs. I still need to verify if there is any truth in what he is saying.
13I spent many years living in a dwarven city
14I sailed with a pirate crew for some months, but the captain changed and the new one had different morals than me, so i jumped of the ship on the first port.
15I'm convinced that there is a dragon inside the Black Hand, and i'm helping an orc to join the organization so i can also join and work my investigation from the inside.
16I'm almost sure that a kind librarian lady is actually a dragon in disguise. Right now i'm devouring through one of the books she recommended me, so i can get back to her with a excuse of needing a new book, and try to figure out if i'm correct.
17I was scouted by a Paladin of Bahamuth, he said there is always space for people like me in his order, if i could accept the metalic dragons. We see each other from time to time and i still have to give him an answer.
18My twin started the Dragonslayer's training with me, but one day he was misteriously gone. I found out that now he's joined the Cult of Thiamat.

What are my responsabilities?

Thousands of years ago the elven nobles murdered almost all your house and forced those who remain to live in poverty without the right to gain a title. But your mission as a Dragonslayer never stopped and you keep training and wandering the world looking for sights of dragons to ensure they will be found and dealt with. Also, your clan have a personal interest in taking Lumina back, because the sacred Dragon armors and Dragon Slayer weapons are stored deep inside the Dragonslayers lair and without it dealing with powerfull ancient dragons becomes a lot harder.

  • A mighty group of adventurers made librarium emerge from the depths of the water, and soon great minds from around the world flocked to uncover it's secrets and recreat it's legacies. It's being only 10 years since Librarium has emerged and now it's your time to shine.


  • Requeriments: On your 1st level you need to have Spellcasting or Pact Magic feature.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from Arcana, Nature, Medicin, History and Religion

  • Languages  two languages of your choice.

  • Equipment A Diplomat's Pack or a Scholar's pack and a pouch containing 50 golds.

Feature: Focused Research

- You have done extensive research in a field of magic, using ancient secret Librarium methods and artifacts to boost your knowledge in one of the schools of magic. Choose one school from Abjuration, Transmutation, Illusion, Necromancy, Evocation, Conjuration, Enchantment and Divination, you will never be able to change your school of focus, so choose wisely.

-  When you gain access to 1st level spells and everytime you gain access to a new level, choose one spell from the level you just unlocked, from the school you chose to be your school of focus to be added to the spell list of your spellcasting class. You will never be able to change this.
-> Wizards, sorcerers and warlocks can't choose healing spells with this feature because the gods hates them.

Feature: Piece of an Ancient Contraption

- Your studies in Librarium made you and a few others unlock a powerful strange artifact, you were able to divide it's power among yourselves and now you can use it i na few ways that you have learned.

- Everytime you reach a new level, you can make a 10 minutes ritual and use the power of the artificat to open a portal to a place called Mechanus. The portal stays open for 1 minute and you and every creature that you allow might use it.
- In Mechanus you are able to speak with it's mechanical-angellike guardians and perform services in exchange for knowledge and powers. This services can't harm you or your party group if you don't agree to that from the beggining.
- The guardians of Mechanus might let you and your group stay for a long rest and might even open a portal to a different place from where you entered (depending of how you interacted with them).

Suggested Characteristics

1I am easily distracted by the promise of information.
2I talk to myself, and I don't make friends easily.
3Unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of a civilization.
4Most people scream and run when they see a demon. I stop and take notes on its anatomy.
5I speak without really thinking through my words, invariably insulting others
6I can't keep a secret to save my life, or anyone else's.


Roll three times on the Librarium Academic Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)
Librarium Academic Contacts
1The spirit of an ancestor has taken an interest in me.
2An older cousin has the ear of a powerful oligarch.
3I know a knight who is responsible for collecting debts from powerful people.
4A vampire infiltrated on the church of Mandhros tried to use me as a pawn in past schemes.
5I was promissed by an ambitious and clever noble, a spot on a future expedition that will colonize Maustralia.
6A sibling has keys to one of the Great Librarium Wards.
7I did a very specific field research around Hill giants and it's habits, and i'am able to handle them very well, i even made friends with one that wants to see the world.
8I regularly offer tribute to an angel, and the angel has been kind to me in turn.
9A Petrus inquisitor is always snooping when i'm doing interesting field research.
10A Bahamuth Saint once saved from certain death.
11I know a shopkeeper who is secretly a Norfss Institution agent and tries to make sure that I keep that secret hidden.
12I'm fascinated by the culture of the Spiritual Ogres, and I have formed a friendship with one of their great shamans.
13An orc Nature's Messenger hates me but would never dare to touch me.
14I know a Web Manipulator who is desperate to pay off a debt accrued by a deceased relative.
15Roll an additional Librarium Academic contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
16My childhood friend is now a Mandhros's whisper. We still meet for drinks occasionally.
17I found a tattered page of an old book with inteligible writing, and an old creepy man wants to buy it from me.
18I was married to a Scion of the Royal Magic University.

What are my responsabilities?

You need to travel throughout the world and gather all knowledge you can, match it with Librarium hidden anctient lore and try to uncover this mysteries of the universe. And while you are at it, you could try to form a powerful group of adventures to clear some of the wards that no one was able to.

  • Thousands of years ago, the air elementals betrayed their kin and joined the gods on the Great Primordial wars. The gods won and as a reward, they gifted great powers to the air elementals and allowed them free passage beetween most planes. Some elementals formed great bonds with material creatures (so much that Djinn and Rajinn were born), and some elementals even took material creatures as disciples and with time that's how the order of the Tempestas and the Wind Blades came to be.

    In present times, the other elementals (other than the earth elementals) forgave the air elementals and the gods do not hold any grudge anymore and  allow the other elementals to thrive in their own planes and in some places in the material plane.

  • Requeriments: Elf, Ferlix, Human, Troll and Norfss

  • Skill Proficiencies:  Nature and Choose one from: Arcana, Survival, Persuation and Performance.

  • Tool Proficiencies: One ofe of artisan's tools

  • Language: Auran and one other language of your choice.

  •  Equipment: One set of artisan's tools, a set of fine clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Air elemental tutelage.

You have studied under one or several air elementas and because of this, not only you gained great insight and knowledge about elemental creatures, but in someway your soul was marked forever.

- You have advantage in knowlege checks that involve elemental beings

- You have advantage in ability checks that involve social interaction with elemental beings

- Elemental beings can understand what you are just by looking at you, and will treat you differently and might even regard you as one of their own, if the situation is correct.

Feature: The Storm inside.

You hold great power inside you, and sometimes you can tap into it to achieve great feats. You gain a resource called Storm Power. Your proficiency controls how many charges you have in this resource. All your charges of Storm Power recharge when you take a long rest.


Once per turn during combat when you deal lightning damage, if you haven't moved during this turn you can spend a bonus action to generate one charge of Storm Power and after you use the bonus action, your speed becomes 0 until the end of the current turn. You can exceed your maximum doing this, but any charge that exceed your maximum will only last for up to 1 minute..

Ride the Lightining:

When you deal lightning damage, you can spend your reaction and two charges of Storm Power to teleport to a non occupied space anywhere inside the area that the spell (or the attack/ability that caused lighting damage) went through. 


As an action, you can emit a Static Discharge spending as many charges of Storm Power as you like. Every creature within up to 20 feet of you must make a Dexterity saving throw (Dc being your spellcasting DC) or take 2d6 lighting damage per charge, taking half on success.

Suggested Characteristics

1I'm a little bit of an air-head.
3I avoid using other element spells
4I don't like underground spaces
5Man, i wish i would cast more fireballs.
6Deep inside, i don't like to know that my tutors were betrayers of their race that got rewarded because of that.


Roll three times on the Tempest Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)

Tempest Contacts
1I meditate with a Rajin shaman sometimes.
2I became a Tempesta, but my twin sibling became a Wind Blade, we argue about whose order is better sometimes.
3One of my ancestors won the Miros Tournament, from time to time i meet people who were alive when this happened and we talk about it.
4A Djinn Web Manipulator thinks he is better than me at lightning spells, we are due to have a contest.
5A stinky and strange homeless elven lady said she likes lighting and that she wants me to work to her. I fled and hope not to meet her again.
6An ogre once hired me to walk beside him for a day and speak cool things in his behalf
7A cleric of Crisallis is trying to convert me, we play chess every other week - and she always wins.
8I once saved a fancy caravan from a bandit attack, than i discovered that this caravan was transporting an Air Elemental Sultan, he wouldn't need my help, but he took a liking in my kind spirit.
9I met a troll that said my blood holds power. He tried to follow me saying he'd like to devour my hearth when i die but i shushed him away.
10A giant wolf from the Steelclaw Wolf Rider once pissed on my feet. 
11I was part of a group dedicated to discuss Mercius and his philosophical principles.
12I ventured for a while with Lemport's Field Patrol and learned some tricks about killing orcs.
13My master also trained a blue Drakonis, and said that he had the most potencial he'd ever seen, i felt like i was always under his shadow.
14I had a contest against a Djinn Tempesta and lost paifully, later i discoverd he was Raiden, son of Solmyr.
15I was once in love with a Ferlix Shadow Hunter but she left me to conclude her training.
16A Nature's Messenger, a Tempesta and a Web Manipulator walk into a bar.....
17Roll an additional contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
18I goblin once offered me a huge amount of gold to be his battery for a day....

What are my responsabilities?

You are an embassador to the elementals, you have to help maintaining the elemental balance in the material world. Also, being a member of the ilustrous Tempests, you must stand up to it's high standards and don't make a fool of yourself or the order.

  • The Steelclaw was founded around 100 years ago by a joint venture between the first orc to be given a noble title by the human nobility and a human noble, around the same time they envisioned the city of Hope. It served several purposes, including pacifying (and exploiting) the great plains, giving refugees (specially orcs) a place to stay, and serving as mercenaries. In time the order grew and its wolfriders came to be seen as reliable protectors of trade and travelers in the areas they work. The order also specializes in breeding riding wolves and on trading leather. You are one of these wolfriders, and where you go you carry the responsibility and the benefits of representing the Steelclaw order. Requeriments: The order does not welcome monsters and little children other than that everyone is welcome Skill proficiencies: Choose three from Animal Handling, Athletics, Acrobatics, Insight, Stealth, Perception, Survival, Nature, any artisan tools. Language: one language of your choice Equipment: One artisan's tool (except alchemist and tinker), an explorers pack and a leather pouch with 20 gold Feature: The Sons of Fenrir

  • Few truly know, but theres more than simply breeding wolves bonding the order and these beasts, powerful wolf spirits aid its members and help its purpose. You gain powers given to you by the guardian spirits of the order You start with: - You can speak with wolves in a very rudimentary way, and until you attack a wolf, it has to succeed on a DC 15 wisdom check to attack you - You gain pack tactics (advantage against an enemy if one of your allies is within 5 ft of it) for 1 attack once per short rest as a free action. Feature: Your own Giant Wolf As a member of the order, part of your training involved carrying and caring for a riding wolf pup, and now you are the proud friend of one. You start with a Young Riding Wolf trained with your help since it was a pup with war saddle and saddlebags, he or she is absolutely loyal to you and well trained, it will understand basic commands and will know to stay hidden until you whistle or to attack a given target and can also help allies. Your wolf will grow more powerful with you, and if it dies you might be able to ressurrect it at the city of hope, or at least try and buy another one ready to go. Large Beast AC 13 HP 12 (+6 pra cada nivel seu acima de 1) Speed 40 ft ST 18 DX 15 CON 12 INT 5 WIS 12 CHA 6 Perception +3 Stealth +4 Keen hearing and smell and Pack tactics as usual Bite +5 to hit 2d4+4 piecing damage, DC 12 ST save or be knocked prone. Also, if you are riding your wold and it or you are subjected to an effect of push or pull, you can opt to have this effect push or pull the two of you, so you won't be dismounted. Feature: Protectors of Hope - The order has made many friends over the years, and is respected by merchants who need to move things on the green continent, it is easy to find shelter on caravans once recognized. Where others would be bothered by guards or bandits, wolfriders are mostly left alone to their own devices, lest you be blacklisted by them. - The city of hope situated at the southern edge of the large plains in the green continent continent is an extension of the order itself, they rule the city in every way. You will always find safe shelter there, and favourable prices for leather goods. 

Suggested Characteristics

1I cant get the wolf smell to go off, I think my wolf pisses on me at night.
2I long for the outdoors, cities and cramped places make me irritated
3I cant stand people talking endlessly about what to do, I would rather ride into the fight without thinking too much   
4I lack curiosity, the simple life is the best life
5Constantly indebted because I spend most of what I earn with alcohol and whoring, and thats just how its gotta be   
6I am constantly competing with everyone on everything, I need to shine brighter than others


Roll three times on the Steelclaw Wolfrider Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)

Steelclaw WolfRiders Contacts
1The wolf spirit Fenrir itself has taken an interest in my, giving me ominous dreams.
2I know a member of the black hand that works on Hope, he is an expert on poisons and drugs.
3One of the best wolf breeders in Hope owes me a favor.
4A veteran Steelclaw wolfrider has taken a special interest in me.
5Theres a female orc shaman conviced that I should be part of her breeding project.
6I helped a female wolf I encountered in the wild to give birth and take care of the pups for a while, and now the whole pack is my friend.
7A wealthy merchant hired me as an escort for his caravan, I ended up seducing both his daughters and now he hates me.
8My childhood friend is one of the diviners high up in the Steelclaw hierarchy.
9During my travels I stumbled upon the entrance to the spiritual temple of the bull, there was an elf bard leaving badly wounded as his group has just died in the trial, I helped him and now he owes me one.
10Theres an odd troll doctor connected to the church of Jarkarzal that always approaches at odd moments to ask how im doing.
11I have traveled a lot with a norfs watcher, made a lot of money with him, havent seen him in a while.
12Roll an additional contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
13I am acquainted with an spiritual ogre druid and hes helped me from time to time.
14I saved the life of a wealthy merchant on a caravan I was helping escort, he said owes me one and I hear hes a much bigger deal now.
15Exploring an ancient elven graveyard I have met the ghost of an ancient druid, I still talk to her from time to time as she ocassionaly possesses my wolf.
16Theres another wolf rider that bullied me most of my training but after I beat him in combat hes been quiet.
17The maid of the greatest mage in Hope would do anything for me.
18I helped a warforged escape from elven persecution and took him to hope, not only is he grateful, but most warforged in hope consider me an ally.

What are my responsabilities:

Primarily, you are expect to travel the world and bring knowledge back to the order. You are expected to defend hope from any attack if possible, and you are expected to carry yourself with dignity and pride, to respect the human nobility (even if nominaly), to take good care of your wolf and wolves in general and finally you are expected to (unless its clearly a lost cause) protect travelers in the areas the Steelclaw order is active, which includes much of the northern part of the green continent. You will provide directions and counsel to travelers and will generally obey the law.

Bruxeiro (Monster Hunter in ancient Dwarven)

Originally created by elves to hunt demons and other monstrosities rampaging the blue continent many thousand years ago the order was dying after most of the threats had been taken care of, their practices considered barbaric and eventually they were forced to cease operating. That changed around 800 years ago, when human adventurers found the Bruxeiros greatest vault, detailing all the experiments done to create elite Bruxeiros, it took another 50 years before they discovered how to use the machines and get mages capable of doing the proper rituals, and when they tried, one of the original creators of the vault, Vega the archdruid, appeared and scolded them for their ignorance and carelessness, the boy they planned on making a super soldier was now dead.

However, the archdruid reasoned that he was only forbidden to tinker with elven blood, but no sort of prohibition was ever made about humans explicitly, and if he only advised them to prevent them wasting innocent lives ... so he decided to aid them in their pursuit of making mutated humans with amazing capabilities that could hunt and kill monsters on their own, the blue continent was after all, very much in a dire situation, and there were things worth protecting and getting informed about in there. With his help the order grew very powerfull.

Requeriments: Only children can start training to become Bruxeiros, they train all their life and are subjected to many rituals that make them amazing monster hunters, and these rituals dont really work on adults

Skill proficiencies: Any two skills that do not involve charisma

Armor and weapon proficiencies: You gain proficiency with Leather armour and with the Greatsword

  • Languages: You learn Elven and one more that matches you mentor / order in the region you are.

Equipment: When you are set on the path, you start with two greatswords, a normal one and a Masterwork Silver Greatsword that is also considered to be adamantite for the purpose of hurting monsters and it can only be used against monsters.

You will also get a medallion from your Bruxeiro school, each named after a beast or monster. These medallions allow the wearer to cast detect magic once per short rest.

Feature: Bruxeiro School

Every Bruxeiro belongs to a school, they share the same principles, but the way they do things might differ a lot. Choose one to be your School, you will never be able to change this.


Known for being more willing than normal to be hired to kill non-monsters, getting involved in politics and other shenanigans, this school was founded with the intent of hunting humanoids that walked a dark path.

-  You have climbing speed equal to your speed.

- Your movement speed is increased by 10 feet.

- Once per day as a free action you can double your movement speed for a round.


Wolf Bruxeiros are considered the most reliable of them all. Known as master trackers and annoying stalkers, capable of finding anyone anywhere, or so it is said.

- As a Bonus Action, you can designate something as your quarry, you have advantage on all knowledge and tracking related checks associated with it. While in pursue of your quarry, you and your group can travel at a fast pace without any penalties to perception regardless of terrain. Also you add 1d6 to the damage of your attacks and spells against your quarry. (and no, won't count for all magic missiles.) 
The target is considerd your quarry until you take a Long Rest.
You can use this feature twice per day.  

- Survival DCs for outdoors survival are 5 less for you. 

- Where others would take 10 minutes investigating something you take only 1. 


Bear school was founded thinking about threats of enormous sizes, and because of it they undergo more intense strengh training. Known as hulking behemoths with little manners and great appetite, many consider them responsible for the Bruxeiros bad reputation.

- While wearing heavy armor, you can shift your weight and block attacks with it. Once per short rest as a reaction you can use this feature to subtract a 2d6 + your Strengh Bonus from incoming damage.

- Your carrying capacity is doubled and you can grapple Huge or smaller creatures.


Created to harbour the magic users beetween the boys that would become Bruxeiros, this school often accept children that started training with other schools and then began developing magical powers. This school grew in influence by maintaning great conections with wizard's schools.
Nowsdays the other Bruxeiros think they serve nobles, walking amongst the courts as if they were better than the rest of them.

- You gain the metamagic adept feat


The other bruxeiros think they are cowardly ass wussies who always use potent poisons, but and they might be to some extent. But they are also the school with the best knowdlge about herbs and alchemy, often able to craft strong potions not known to the other Bruxeiros.

- You gain proficiency with either the Alchemist tools  or the  Herbalism kit.

- You gain the poisoner feat


This school split up from the manticore school and now seems to be competing with the cats to see who gets the most contracts to kill non-monsters. They are very good with poisons and harbour a different fighting style than the other Bruxeiros, using two one-handed swords instead of a greatsword.

- Instead of a Masterwork Silver Greatsword, you start the game with two Masterwork one handed swords of your choice.

- You gain the poisoner feat


A somewhat exotic school, it is the youngest of all Bruxeiro schools, trained to kill flying monsters with modern firearms, these Bruxeiros excel in distant combat. The Bruxeiros of this school are also good with dealing with people in general and are among the most liked school. The other Bruxeiros think that everyone likes them since no one is afraid of their puny weapons and that this school is set for extinction since theit choice with weapons sucks.

- Instead of a Masterwork Silver Greatsword, you start the game with a Masterwork Firearm and 30 special silver bullets

- Firearms Knowledge. You know how to use firearms and your mastery of firearms enables you to ignore the loading property of muskets and pistols.

Feature: Unnatural Biology

- Unlike normal humans, your mutations give you extreme longevity, to this date, no witcher has died of old age, Vega estimates the lifespan could be around 1000 years, but you are sterile.

- You can see in the dark up to 60 feet, most people think your eyes are creepy and dont like being stared down by you. Ferlix consider you an abomination and you will be hunted down by them.

- You can see in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, as well as a very acute sense of smell and taste, allowing you to notice that which others would certainly miss. You have advantage on perception and investigation checks.

- You can benefit from several potions that would be poison to normal humans. 
Also you have resistance against poison damage and advantage on saving throws against poison. 

- You are an unnatural abomination, hated by the gods, you have the Curse of the bruxeiros. Unfortunately Bruxeiros suffer from a powerful curse that makes falling high distances certain death. They re-roll 1s and 2s on falling damage received and must keep the new roll.

- You are considered a freak of nature, In general, and specially on the lower echelons of society, you will be treated very unfavourably, with higher prices for accommodation or outright denial. People expect Bruxeiros to be flush with cash, and to pay more to be tolerated.

Feature: Bruxeiro runes

You were taught very primitive magics based on old Signs to make you a more powerful warrior.

At level one choose a cantrip beetween: True Strike, Produce Flame and Gust, you learn it and can cast with Intelligence being it's spellcasting atribute.

Also, you have stumbled upon at least one Ancient Sign Stone and learned it's magic from it.
Spells you learng this way can be cast once per day each (unless they are cantrips), requiring only somatic components and as you level, they can become stronger.

You can never change the spells you learned this way, so choose wisely

Shield, Booming Blade, Lighting Lure, Absorb Elements, Burning hands, Compelled Duel, Feather fall, Jump, Long Strider, Friends, Charm Person or Mage armor.

Suggested Characteristics

1I cant stand being without my weapons.
2I get restless if I dont kill for long, If im not careful I can go full berserk.
3Cold hearted bastard, with little sympathy for anyone
4I always have terrible nightmares if I dont drink before bed
5Hate what they turned me into.
6Paranoid, always mapping exits checking threats and ready to draw weapons.


Roll three times on the Bruxeiro Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)

Bruxeiro Contacts
1Vega found me particularly suited to test an potent experimental mutation.
2I had a romance with a poweful sorcerers that works for a king.
3Wandering in the snow I found a sealed magical cave and met the ursonis that guarded it, he was friendly but told me to leave and never return and then made the cave disapear forever.
4I thought one of my closest friends was killed by vampires, but now I know he was turned into one ... willingly
5Theres a dwarf foreman I saved from certain death, he is very grateful and owes me a favor
6Theres an annoying bard that insists only him should write ballads about me, and sometimes he tries to tag along.
7Roll an additional contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
8One of the students in my school was a Belmont.
9When hunting a succubus, I ended up taking pity on her and leaving her be, we ended up having a romance.
10Me and a bruxeiro from another school met at the start of our paths and did our first job together (roll 1d6 for which school excluding yours).
11I have worked with a necromancer to kill a vampire.
12My fighting instructor was like a father to me, he would go out of his way to help.
13I once engaged a rogue Bruxeiro in mortal combat and won, not sure how their school reacted to this.
14I am on a name by name basis with one of the Saints of Bahamut due to a chance encounter in the snow.
15I once had a run in with Yaard, we didn't go away as he demanded ans then he killed my whole group in a moment, and was telling me, the sole survivor to go back and warn everyone that this was his territory when a massive Jade Dragon appeared telling him it was time and he just left.
16When I was a teenager at Bruxeiro school me and a wizard ended up finding vast catacombs dedicated to old elven bruxeiros, Vega found out and scolded me, and now it seems hes always watching me.
17A veteran on my school that was a close friend became the body guard of a king.
18Theres a black hand agent that always offers very lucrative contracts, but often outside the law, he is chill tho.

What are my responsabilities?

Training Bruxeiros is expensive, and you are expected to receive worthy compensation for your efforts. After your training is complete, you will be set on the path and are expected not to stray from it. The path basically consists of wandering around the world finding contracts to hunt and kill monsters and to keep civilization protected from the supernatural. You are expected to return in the winters and bring things of value to the order and rendevouz, but if its not uncommon for Bruxeiros to relocate to other continents and spend vast ammounts of time away. 

Further, the path consists of maintaining the Bruxeiro infrastructure and caring for the growth of the order. The best thing one can bring to the order are new recruits, so often Bruxeiros grab orphans on their way back to the rendevouz for the next round of training. Bruxeiros cant sit idly by, they must dedicate their lifes to either hunting monsters or training the next generation.

They must uphold the reputation of the Bruxeiros as the best monster hunters that always honor their contracts and dont meddle into humanoid affairs (such as kingslaying, kidnapping nobles, etc etc, something the cat and viper schools were accused of doing and might start a Bruxeiro civil war to avoid Bruxeiros being hunter altogether).

You are a champion, not only between your people but also between the spirits. Your glorious deeds in the arenas and favour of the spirits has marked you by the Jade Dragon to be one of his contenters in the Spiritual Colosseum. You don't belong to a proper organization, but everyone knows who's the champion, or at least everyone who matters.

Requeriments: Orc, troll, norfss or ferlix
Skill proficiencies: Choose two from Performance, Intimidation, Insight, Athletics, Surival and Nature.
Tool Proficiencies One type of musical instrument or artisan's tools

Languages: Any one of your choice

Equipment: hunting trap, a totemic token or set of tattoos marking your loyalty to the spirits that bestow you powers, a set of traveler's clothes, and a pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Welcome to my Arena.

An Ancestral Champion is a master of combat, and it thrives in the spectable that is a battle, bringing everyone to his down domain of blood.

Pick one Act that fits better your character

- Act 1: Enter the arena

An Ancestral champion in a display of power and/or skill can make an statement (physical or verbal) and choose a foe to be his target.
As an Action, choose one enemy within 90 feet and make a Peformance check contested against the target Wisdow saving throw. If you win, the target is frightened by you until you attack someone other than it or miss an attack. Once you use this feature, you have to take a short rest to use it again.

- Act 2: Blood for the Blood God!

When an Ancestral Champion downs an opponent or scores a critical hit, he can't lose the opportunity to announce to all his foes (and witness) who he is, even in covert missions.
After scoring a critical hit or downing an opponent, the champion can use it's Bonus action and scream his name with all his lungs, making an Intimidation check. Every other enemy within 60 feet must make a wisdow saving throw (the dc being the result on the intimidation check) or be frightened by it until the end of it's next turn. If you attack a target that is still frightened by your display of power, your critical range against it improves by 1. Once you use this feature, you have to complete a short rest to use it again.

- Act 3: The Champion is crowned

When a fight ends, you can crown yourself the Ancestral Champion and make a statement to everyone watching - spirits included.
Choose if you are going to make a Bolstering statement or a Fierce statement.

Bolstering statement: 
Lets you spend hit dice as if you have completed a short rest. Make a Performance check.

Dc 15: Can spend up to two hit dice
Dc 20: Can spend up to five ht dice
Dc 25: No limit of hit dices you can spend and all your allies can spend one of their hit dices to heal as if they have completed a short rest if they feel like it.

Fierce statement: You have a chance to empower your morale for a time, gaining a temporary inspiration.

Make an Intimidation check.

Dc 15: Inspiration lasts for 1 hour
Dc 20: Inspiration lasts until you take a short rest for for 1 hour
Dc 25: Inspiration is permanent.

You can use this feature whenever you finish a battle.

Feature: Favoured by the Spirits

The strongest spirits have decided that you are worthy, and have agreed to concede you some of their power.

-> Choose one of the great spirits, you will never be able to change this choice.

- Gurahl the Ever-Hunger
Gurahl is currently regarded as the mightiest of the Bear spiritrs and it's hunger for life essence knows no bounds.

- As a reaction to taking damage, you can sacrifice 1 or 3 hit dices and Invoke the Mighty Gurahl to aid you. If you sacrifice 1 hit dice you gain resistance to the damage. If you sacrifice 3 hit dices, ignore all the damage. Once you invoke Gurahl, to invoke it again you have to finish a short if you gained resistance to the damage or a long rest if you completely ignored a damage.

- Bastet the one who runs faster than wind
Bastet is known to be the favorite spirit of the Crystal Tiger, and is the only spirit who has being absorbed by Yaard and escaped to tell the tale.

- As a Bonus action you can invoke Bastet to aid you. When you do this, your Ac increases by 2, your speed increases by 10 feet, you gain climbing speed equal to your speed and if Bastet is still aiding you, as a Bonus Action in subsequent turns, you can take the dash or disengage action. At the end of your next turns, roll 1d6, if you roll 1 or 2, Bastet stops aiding you and you can't summon it again until you finish a long rest.

- Archimedes the old
Archmedes might be the oldest spirit "alive", and it is told that even Yaard one day went through hell just to be beyond the Great Owl Spirit and ask him for advice.

At the beginning of your turn, you might summon the wise Archimedes as a free action, you can do that even if you are charmed, dominated, paralyzed, stunned or deprived of your mental capabilities. When you do this, Archimedes will remove any mind-related negative condition afflicting you that you wish to be removed. Once you do this you must finish a long rest to summon archimedes again.

Alternatively you can also summon Archimedes to ask it for guidance about one subject. If you do so, it will help you the best it can and you can't summon it again to heed it's council for at least a week.

Known only by THE BULL, this spirit showed himself to be extremely powerfull when he was summoned by the Circle of Shamans to help stopping Oprimax who had fled his prison. THE BULL is a might and proud spirit whose stubbornness knows no boundaries.

As a Free action you can call forth THE BULL to aid you. Until the end of your next turn, you gain the following benefits:

- You carrying capacity is multiplied by 10
- All your attacks that hit have a chance to make your target fall prone (Str save dc equal to 8 + your proficiency + your STR modifier).
- All your attacks cause and additional 1d6 damage.
- You have advantage in STR ability checks and STR saving throws
- You can grapple creatures up to two sizes bigger than you.
- Whenever you push someone, you can choose to push it up to 10 adicional feet.
Once you invoke THE BULL, you can't do it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Suggested Characteristics

1I never try to hagle or bargain.
2A fight outside the arena is always to the death.
3If you question my courage, I will never back down.
4I'm so convinced of my superiority over soft, civilized people that I'll take great risks to prove it.
5If you tried to solve a problem with strength and failed, it means you didn't use enough strength.
6I will do anything to prove myself greater than my siblings or ancestors.


Roll three times on the Ancestral Champion Contacts table (for two allies and a rival)

Ancestral Champion Contacts
1A Petrus crusader seems to think that i would make for a good recruit.
2That one time when a Crisallis cleric and me got drunk, stole a Giant wolf from a Steelclaw Wolf Rider, broke out a random Norfss lizard from the prison, rode all the way to another city, got into an illegal gladiator fighting club and won the whole thing.
3I once encountered Bastion, the Flamewaker, the greatest champion from the Troll Desert Arenas, i challenged him for a fight to measure myself against him, and somehow ended up helping him to chase a murderer who only targeted poor people.
4One of my closest friends back in the Arena days was killed by me on a fair fight, but now i encountered him again and it seems like he was turned into a vampire.
5Everytime i go to my favorite taverns there is this fucking Steelclaw Wolfrider who always challenges me to an arm wrestle battle.
6Once by accident i knocked an elf on the ground and he fell on a puddle of mud in front of everyone. I don't remember if he was from the Web Manipulators, from librarium or from the Royal academy. Told him i was sorry and left, but couldn't help noticing this funny look in his face.
7Roll an additional contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
8The warrior who trained me remembers me for my exceptional potential. He said i could be stronger than all my ancestors, stronger than everyone who came before me.
9I fear no man, but Yaard is not a man, so i can tell you  about the dark night i met him when he came out of nowhere. I could feel the spirits of my ancestors shaking inside me. But in the end, he offered me water and food, and shared a fire with me, seemed life a down to earth, cool guy.
10The fircest champion i have ever met was a black maned Ferlix, i lost that day, but never again.
11My clan chief killed one of my parents, who had challenged the chief for leadership of the clan. Some combination of resentment and remorse stirs the clan chief to help me sometimes
12Sometimes i accept to work as muscle to the Black Hand, but they know better than to offer me a job that i wouldn't like.
13I once engaged a Bruxeiro in one on one mortal combat and won, not sure how their school reacted to this and not sure i care.
14I consult with a Norfss shaman for spiritual guidance at times.
15I foolishly borrowed money from the Goblin Bank to indulge a shameful vice with a beautiful elf.
16A close friend left our clan and joined the Belliard's Enforcers.
17A distant relative is trying to recruit me into the Nature's Messengers.
18I stopped a crazed goblin from trapping wild beasts to perform vile experiments on them.

What are my responsabilities?

As an Ancestral champion you have to try and be the finest of your lineage. You must make good for the spirits that chose to bless you and you need to train and become the stronger there is, because the Jade Dragon might summon you and perhaps your closest allies at any moment to the SPIRITUAL COLOSSEUM, where you can win at the ULTIMATE GAMES and prove to everyone that you are THE CHAMPION.

Proximos: (nao necessariamente nessa ordem)

Laminas do vento e do fogo
Guerreiro de Inerill
Royal Arcanist
Circle of Shaman
Powerless Planeswalker
Norfss infiltrador
Cult of Crisallis
Cult of Aestus
Cult of Mercius
Cult of Mandhros
Cult of x

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