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Backgrounds - Parte 2

Inerill's Herald
  • Inerill, the Forgemaster God of Dwarves and Honor has chosen you to carry it's will. You won't necessarily know what exactly you have to do, but Inerill know you are going to do your best. From the moment Inerill choose you as it's herald until you finish it's holy quest, your soul is branded and clerics and other people alike might be able to see it just by looking at you. Whenever you are reconigsed as an Inerril's Herald, creatures with good heart will usually treat you very well and try to help you, while creatures with evil hearts might try to avoid you or even cause you harm.

  • Requeriments: Non evil, non chaotic and either Dwarf (with Inerill as it's main deity) or Cleric/paladin of Inerill

  • Skill Proficiencies:  Choose two from: Religion, Survival, Athletics, Persuasion, Insight and History

  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan's tools

  • Language: Choose one language.
  • Equipment: A set of clothes appropriate to your duties and a pouch containing 20 gp

Feature: Sturdier

Maybe you were born like this, or maybe you followed Inerril`s teachings and built yourself like this, either way, you are as sturdy as it gets.

Your class hit points dice increases: from 1d6 to 1d8, from 1d8 to 1d10, from 1d10 to 1d12, and from 1d12 to

Feature: Inerill's Stubbornness

Like Inerill, you won't budge, you won't falter, you will persevere.

As a reaction to being pushed, pulled, frightened, restrained or knocked prone you can spend one hit dice (and heal from it), you ignore the forced movement, the restrain for the fright and you become immune to being pushed, pulled, frightened, restrained or knocked prone until the end of the current turn.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality traits
1My piety sometimes leads me to blindly trust those that profess faith in my god.
2I am inflexible in my thinking.
3I have certain rituals that I must follow every day. I can never break them.
4Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.
5I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.
6I feel like i'm not worthy enough.



Roll three times on the Inerill's Herald Contacts table (for two allies and a rival) - If you are a woman/ wants to have met with women and got any beard reference, you can substitute that for locks or hair. If you want your women to be bald, go fuck yourself.

Inerill's Herald Contacts
1I once got into a fight with an orc Champion and had to call a cleric....but not for me!
2I once armwrestred an ogre to a draw.
3My parents worked with the imperial dwarven blacksmithes
4I adventured for a few months with a Watcher, great fighter, horrible excuse for a beard.
5I keep meeting the same crazed clisallis cleric, and she always tries to convinces me that's Inerill's will. Is it?
6Almost got into a fight with a tough looking bearded pirate captain, and i have a feeling that it's not over yet.
7Had to endure a nature's messenger company for weeks, and he kept babbling everytime. i hope to never meet the guy again.
8I once saved a fancy caravan from a bandit attack, than i discovered that this caravan was transporting an Air Elemental Sultan, didn't care for it and just went my way.
9A random troll stopped me out of nowhere in the middle of the streets and with a malicious smile told me that my blood holds power, i shushed him and called him a Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw, Bleathering Gomeril Jessie, Oaf-Looking Nyaff, Plookie Milk-Drinking Shan, Mim-Moothed Sniveling Hotten-Blaugh Vile-Stoochie Cally-Breek-Tattiem gnome motherfucker. Never saw the guy anymore.
10A giant wolf from the Steelclaw Wolf Rider once tried to piss on my feet, but i grabbed the little puppy by it's ears and brought it down, than i had a throwoff with it's rider and we ended that in the tavern over some beers.
11I was part of a group dedicated to discuss Mercius and his philosophical principles because i was told that it's important to know well all non evil religions. After 3 months going to this group, having to endure a senile old human lady, a young goblin that seemed lost, a fluffy ferlix and a lot of nonsense, i at least learned a great recipe for carrot cake. Waste of time.
12Had to team up with an orc, we fought our way out of a kruthic infested cave and after resting a little bit to catch our breaths, measuring each other, we drew our weapons, but a merchant caravan arrived. We got a ride to closest city where we went our separate ways.
13I keep getting in an argument everytime with a Petrus Crusader and and an orc Champion. Which weapon is the best? The maul, the greatsword or the greataxe? Sometimes things get pretty heated up.
14i had to take a ship once and it sunk during a storm, everyone but me died. I woke up on a desert island and not knowing how to swimn i thought i was doomed, but a Ferlix Roca Rider came from nowhere and rescued me. Turns out i was very close to the mainland, he mocked me a lot and i'm not sure how i will feel when i meet him again.
15I think one of the captains of Runik (dwarven capital) is an undercover Norfss. Fucking lizards.
16A Nature's Messenger, a Tempesta and a Web Manipulator walk into a bar.....And if it's the bar you are in, you just leave, because you can bet the flingowflowers will order some vegetarian meal with overpriced wine, and if that happens, that means you chose the unfun tavern.
17A Norfss once saved me from certain death when i lost a duel against a Belliard Enforcer. He told me that Norfss stand together with the dwarven people and Inerill and said he could help me to hunt the Belliard enforced who had just fled. I felt disnohored, ashamed and didn't know what to do.
18Roll an additional contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.

What are my responsabilities?

Fulfill the quest that Inerill has trusted you with. Maintain the good name of the dwarven people (even if you are not one), act with honour, act with courage, keep to your word, do not falter in front of evil, do not let your innaction be what determines if someone will be saved or not.

  • Be it through merit or inheritance, you have been blessed by the gods by being a member of the human nobility. As would be expected most nobles are humans, but exceptions do exist. The human kingdoms were all united under the high king, whose seat of power is in the white continent, but around 150 years ago his capacity to project power on the other continents was greatly diminished, coupled with what some saw as cowardice in the face of danger in the summit of peace, the kings from the other continents decided to question his authority and become independent. Despite the high kings resistance, his resources were too strained by all the conflicts and he ended up having to accept the new status quo. Now there are several human kings, the two major ones are the sunspear family still ruling the white continent despite no longer being the king of kings, and in the green continent the voskoff family continues its centuries old rule. The red continent used to have a human king, but he had to flee to the green continent long ago, and now what remains of his kingdom is a duchy sized kingdom on the coast of the green continent. Finally, on the frozen lands of the blue continent, several kingdoms emerged over the last 150 years. The biggest kingdom is still ruled by the Fontelle family and has the best and most prosperous land in the blue continent, comprising most of the southern coast, making it easier to do commerce with the outside world and giving it leverage with the smaller insular kingdoms. Nominally, all human realms mentioned above are part of the old alliance with elves and dwarves, Dwarves and elves also have their own nobility, with their unique boons Being a noble is more than just serving crown and country, its about serving your liege and making your ancestors (and descendants) proud, its about setting an example to the poor, and manifesting your will on the world!

  • Requirements: being a member of a noble family, either through birth or adoption, and having a liege you must serve Skill proficiencies: Choose one between history, gaming sets, insight, persuasion, intimidation, deception Languages: Choose one language Equipment: Noble clothes with heraldry, one gaming kit, a pouch containing 60gp

Feature: Position of privilege Thanks to your noble birth, people are inclined to think the best of you. You are welcome in high society, and people assume you have the right to be wherever you are. The common folk make every effort to accommodate you and avoid your displeasure, and other people of high birth treat you as a member of the same social sphere. You can secure an audience with a local noble if you need to. Additionally, you have a magical signet that will unquestionably prove your nobility. Feature: I am not a peasant You have advantage whenever you roll against a charm effect. Feature: Kept in Style While you are in allied territory your house sees to your everyday needs. Your name and signet are sufficient to cover most of your expenses; the inns, taverns, and festhalls you frequent are glad to record your debt and send an accounting to your family's estate back home to settle what you owe. This advantage enables you to live a comfortable lifestyle without having to pay 2 gp a day for it, or reduces the cost of a wealthy or aristocratic lifestyle by that amount. You may not maintain a less affluent lifestyle and use the difference as income—the benefit is a line of credit, not an actual monetary reward. Theres several differences between each noble family, their traditions and their boons, choose a boon AND a tradition


List of available boons (pick only one)

Feature: Family heirlooms

You start with  better equipment than normal, pick between the following options

- A +1 weapon (lend it to anyone would be shameful)

- A +1 light/medium armor (except half plate)

- A half plate with latent magical runes

- Some other lesser magic item, talk with the GM to figure it out (example, prayer beads, bag of holding)

--> To lose your heirloom would be an absolute disgrace

Feature: Noble companions

Build a bodyguard/servant using the sidekick rules (non caster), if he dies you can requisition your house for another servant, usually a more grumpy one.

Feature: A noble steed

Start the game with a with and if you are associated with the Voskoff nobility you start with a otherwise, just a military saddle. It is easy for you to get a replacement and get your family to foot the bill

Feature: I have heard about that in court

You can roll any knowledge check with advantage and as if proficient (even if not proficient, and if you are proficient, roll with expertise, if you have expertise you can reroll one of the dies and keep the new number) a number of times per day equal to your proficiency modifier

Feature: Filthy rich

You will occasionally be mailed money by your family when in civilized places, you have access to credit greater than normal nobles.

You start the game with an extra 600gp to spend.

Feature: Sole heir

You are the sole heir to a lord title that oversees a small town, at some point your ancestor will die and leave everything to you, but the estate has a competent stewart to care for it in your absence. How this will play in practice depends on the GM.

Feature: Its not honorless if a noble does it

Everyone expects nobles to play fair and fight honorably, but that is only true if you are fighting another noble, against peasants you enjoy using that to your advantage to surprise your enemies, and if the situation demands it against nobles as well!

Pick one between the following maneuvers, if the target has seen or heard about you using your dirty move before, you have disadvantage in the attack. You can use your dirty trick once per short rest.

-> Hit the groins (only works against males with gonads), when attacking choose to aim at the groin, you make this attack with disadvantage, if you hit the target must do a CON DC 8 + prof + dex/st if the target fails the DC he is stunned until the end of its turn. 

-> Hit the knee - When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can attempt to knock the target down if the target is Large or smaller, it must make a Strength saving throw. (Dc qual to 8 + your prof + your Str modifier.) On a failed save, you knock the target prone. 

-> Poke the eye - If using a non bludgeoning weapon you can target your enemies eye with an attack (provided you can reach it's eye), if you hit he must make a CON DC 8 + prof + dex modifier) if the target fails the DC he is blinded until the end of its turn.


List of available Traditions (pick only one)

Feature: Navy history

Your family has many famous admirals and is at home at sea, you dont suffer disadvantage due to bad weather at sea

You have proficiency with water vehicles, and navigation and cartography tool kits

You have advantage in persuasion checks dealing with sailors and intimidation when dealing with pirates

You also have advantage in knowledge checks related to ships, captains and the seven seas and can roll even if not proficient

You can always negotiate safe passage for your group in non pirate vessels and get your family to foot the bill (if you abuse it, you will be summoned for an explanation with further payments being placed on hold until you do so)

Feature: Diplomatic history

You are from a long line of diplomats, giving you 2 languages and proficiency (or expertise) in persuasion and insight

If you succeed on a persuasion check, you are respected even when dealing with barbaric races and noble haters

Defusing conflicts is in your blood, once per short rest you can use your action to try to persuade everyone that can hear you to stop fighting and to try talking, roll a persuasion check, until the end of your next turn anyone that wishes to take an offensive action must succeed on a wisdom DC = to what you rolled on the persuasion check

GM decides if (and which) targets have advantage, disadvantage or are plain immune to your pleads

Feature: Farming history

Your family has a long history of owning land and producing food from it. You gain proficiency in land vehicles and two of nature insight survival artisan tool medicine and animal handling and pick expertise in one. You have advantage in persuasion with farmers and country folk, you know how to barter for better prices and can offer jobs and a new life for pesants at your farm

You can roll investigation (even if not proficient) to discover information about farms and roads in a region and if on a farm with advantage about that farm

Feature: Novus Homo

Your family just recently ascended to the nobility so you still have strong links with non nobles. You are less likely to be recognized as a noble, however you bring hope to the poor peasants that dream of ascending themselves! You will never be charged extra for being a noble, and wont stand out negatively when mingling with the lowborne. 

You have advantage in persuasion checks with commoners, and in history checks related to peasant affairs. Additionally, you suffer no negative social consequences from mingling with peasants and do not need to pay for a noble lifestyle when around lowbornes. You are the kind of noble that barbarians can respect

Chose any two skills kits or tools, you are now proficient in them

Feature: A legacy of oppression

Your family has a long history of being feared by the lowborne. Executioners, tax collectors, judges, guard captains, whenever commoners had to deal with your family they were getting they asses kicked.

You have proficiency in intimidation and if you already had it gain expertise, you have advantage when intimidating commoners. It is much easier for you to get away with killing commoners than for the average noble, let alone the average person. You can even get away with torture and other terrible things, as long as they were done in the interest of the crown. It is almost as if your family has a license to kill.

Sadly, you are very much hated by the peasants, and the other nobles at best will consider you a necessary evil and at worse sanctioned criminals. If you abuse your priviledges by just being plain evil other nobles will start to pay attention and will interfere trying to arrest you, and your family will abandon you to avoid the needless stress

Feature: Religious history

Your family has a long history of being clerics and paladins. You gain proficiency/expertise in religion. And advantage in persuasion checks when dealing with mainstream members of the religion your family is famous for serving. You can access religious services related to your religion with a discount, and depending on the situation, they can even send the bill to your family.

Feature: Intelligence history

From the ancient times your family has acted as scouts and spies for the realm

You gain proficiency with two of  deception, investigation, stealth, perception or insight and with the forgery and disguise kits

You know how to get dirty if you need to, with an investigation check you can find the black market

You are part of a pre-established spy program, when you forge identities for you and your group they are much harder to be discovered

And if it comes to it, you can flash your badge to guards and other royal authorities and get away with all sorts of stuff

Feature: Military history

Your family is famous for its military contributions and its military prowess commands respect. You have advantage in any social interaction related check with guards and soldiers, additionally, you gain advantage in any history check related to military matters, even if not proficient.

You gain proficiency with cartographer tools and land vehicles

Tactical insight! Once per day you can spend your reaction to give an ally that can hear you advantage in an attack roll or saving throw

Feature: Crooked history

In order to ascend the noble ranks your family has gotten involved in some questionable things such as assassinations, blackmail and the black market. You know enough about the underworld to be able to navigate it when needed.

- With an investigation check you know the best place to sell rarer products (getting more money for it) and also where you can find sellers of even rarer products (however you will likely have to dish some money to get there)

- Advantage on persuasion checks against targets who you know to be criminals.

- Advantage on performance and deception checks against targets that don't know that you are crooked

Suggested Characteristics

Personality traits
1I loathe commoners and their customs.
2I will become the king, by any means necessary.
3Secretly, i just wish i could live a normal life, without my family's name impacting how people react to me, and with no need for me to appear to be perfect so, as my father say, "wont drag the family's name in the mud".
4I have many gambling and whoring debts.
5I have a very degenerate fetish, if discovered it would cause great embarassment.
6Im more worried about appearances than anything.



Roll three times on the Noble Contacts table (for two allies and a rival) - 

Noble Contacts
1When I was young, I was best friends with one of the princes, we occasionally still exchange letters, last one he invited me to visit the capital as his guest for the winter festival but there was something off about the letter ... I confirmed its legit, but the way he wrote led me to think theres more to it than nostalgia and reminiscing the good old days.
2My uncle is a powerful skirmisher, always sending letters telling the most amazing tales, he even sent a less prominent skirmisher to drill our guards, and although very skilled, it is rumored that he is addicted to arcane dust.
3One of my ancestors was turned in a vampire during the crusades, and we have recently found out he is still "alive" when he sent encrypted letters to everyone in the family, and we are still trying to decypher it, for this we hired one of the best elven codebreakers but he has been at it for 6 months and couldnt crack the code, claiming he needs more letters.
4I have a cousin that is an epic adventurer member of the Guardians of good, last I heard, he has already been ressurrected 3 times and is favoring backline duty.
5The king is my godfather, from back when he was still a prince, I havent seen him since I was a baby, but recently I got a letter saying he wants all his godchildren to attend his daughters wedding to the Duke Marillion.
6A very powerful sorcerer countess seduced me, used me and then discarded me, just when I managed to get over it, she started sending me letters and magical messages to arrange a new date.
7I have a second degree blood relation to the archbishop of Petrus, and have met the chosen of Petrus.
8To pay for our family debts my father arranged my sister, one of the most beautiful woman in the continent, to be married to a Marillion for a million gold, unfortunately the money is quickly running out as my father has a gambling problem and now it seems my father is studying the possibility of selling everything we have to the Marillions.
9roll twice.
10One of my cousins is an absolutely degenerate wizard, hes running from justice after tricking a noble into having sex with him while transmogrified into the opposite sex, it is said he is one of the smartest wizards ever and an expert in alchemy.
11My uncle is a retired wizard that tends to a successful magic item trading business.
12Our family estate was built on top of an ancient elven graveyard, we consulted with experts, did the proper rituals and sent their souls to their proper resting place save, and now we are on good terms with the local druidic circle.
13Our family has a powerful elven mage as a stewart, he was an amazing tutor and seems to know everything, apparently hes also guarding some artifact in our family mausoleum.
14A millenia ago, my family helped a kyrin survive persecution, he became our eternal bodyguard and we all trust him with our life, but he is very strict.
15A dwarf cleric of inerill has served several generations of my family as a doctor and tutor, only recently I discovered he is a distant member of the imperial family that only left his homeland because he couldnt stomach watching his brother being married to the girl he loved.
16My brother is a wizard prodigy and is an influential academic in the royal academy, his research on comparative metamagics made him famous with arcane institutions all over and could change the world, he is being invited to give lectures all over the place.
17My sister was married three times, all husbands died misteriously, the latest one was confirmed to have been poisoned by her, to avoid justice she joined the black hand and disappeared a couple years ago. Everyone knows her as the black widow. Recently I heard rummors shes the captain of a pirate ship. I have no clue why she did what she did.
18My cousin is one of the greatest Primordio card game players alive, he was disinherited due to just playing cards all the time, but he ended up making a fortune playing cards and proved all the elders wrong and now hes trying to create his own branch of the family. It is easy to find him, just need to attend the biggest card tournament around.

What are my responsabilities?

You are expected to serve crown and realm when called to do so, and meanwhile, to tend to the responsabilities fit for your specific station. Lords (and above) must watch over their land, keep it prosper and safe and most importantly, collect and pay taxes! For the lower ranked nobles such as Sirs, which include landed and unlanded knights, princelings, and etc. You will be called to serve in case of war (if not already enrolled in the army or navy), but meanwhile you are mostly free to search for your fame and fortune in a lawful manner, which includes having approval from your liege to do so while setting a good example of what an ideal noble is. In practice, nobles can easily delegate their functions to subordinates and go on adventures doing whatever they want with little consequence, as long as they dont get caught by the authorities breaking the law and desecrating noble values, life will go on just fine. In situations when theres no law authority and no higher ranked nobles, you are effectively the highest law enforcement authority, and are expected to enforce the kings laws, although it is understood that often theres situations that make it unfeasible.

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